Our Vision

Tamil Nadu book of records is committed to bring out the talent hidden in the people in TN and aims to search 1000 records holders all over Tamil Nadu by Dec 2013.

Our Mission

Tamil Nadu book of Records is formed to help the people in Tamil Nadu recognize there hidden talent and Potential. The organization will be dealing with the extraordinary talents of the individuals spreading all over the state. The modulus of operandi of Tamil Nadu Book of Records is as follows

  • 1. Recognizing the ability of the people.
  • 2. Encouraging the people to do adventurous task and thereby bring fame to the country by showcasing their talents to the world.
  • 3. Appraise and acknowledge the ability of the individuals.

Our Chairperson

Dr. S. Varadharajan D.C.E; PhD (World Record Breaking);

A Multiple World Record Achiever is the Managing Director and the first Tamilian in the World to be honored with Doctorate in Record Breaking by World Records University. Dr. S. Varadharajan started his career as an aspiring Civil Engineer and successful in constructing 200+ multi floor Buildings and Houses in South India. After his bright journey as a Civil Engineer he stepped in to entrepreneurship, designing and developing new Businesses in Tamil Nadu holding deep foot in Garments manufacturing and merchandising. fluent handwriting